Your Challenge(s): Change, Evalutate, Sustain by Yael Rozencwajg

Your Challenge(s): Change, Evalutate, Sustain

Your Challenge(s): Change, Evalutate, Sustain on by Yael Rozencwajg © All right reserved
Population growth, rapidly changing niche markets, imbalances multiplied in business ressources, mark a few of the challenges we have to face today.
Every industry is defied by change and managing a healthy and evolving business today needs to be constantly (re)evaluated. But, once reaching an average routine, not everyone is capable to sustain the achievement and so, if you want to set it up in an infinite successful goal then you’d better follow the right way.

Attraction, distraction, misevaluation rule our lives

From a volatile financial system, limited solutions to the lack of resources, or series of innovations in tech, we live in a world of rapid change.
That very specific point should be put into the test as we reconsider current capitalistic structures and review the status quo of most of existing business models.
There’s no need of experts or spur discussions about the challenges we face today. Through the mountains of people giving birth to organizations we can observe every day, our role is definitely to tackle some of those challenges.
For years, people have been asking how to change the rules, how to evaluate the needs, how to maintain a sustainable system that will enable them to do it better, faster and stronger. Here are some of the answers I propose you to follow, let’s try them, and see how it goes for you.


The real change we are all seeking for, is about the way that will provoke a peaceful and prosperous world for generations to come.
But while our brains work as super computers and ideas are bursting out as each one is more ingenious than the other, the contrast is deep and it’s hard to believe the change will come around quickly.
The good thing is that it’s always time to adopt the right mindset by being audacious, unless you find yourself in misunderstanding ways that could be fatal.
By measuring the distances and joining the dots of the efforts we’ve already done, we can discover some if the key issues that will help us plan the next step. I’ve tested it. It’s all about (self-made) method, strategy and long-term vision.
And it worked (for me). Now, it’s up to you, Dears.


As more small businesses and individuals see in social utility a growing opportunity, global companies and organizations can strongly help in the understanding and the evaluation of social impact.
Isn’t it now time for you to reassess your relationships with acquaintances and the globalized community you maintain online?
Here we are. Make a plan. There are no more difficulties than anywhere else. You’ve done the change step, now you can evaluate your efforts and consider your future.
In any case, don’t look back.


Here’s the best part.
You can make your business a beautiful piece of art, by accomplishing small steps in a more effectively and profitably way than before.
Through the events you encounter during your daily activities, you can unparallele opportunities to promote your savoir-faire.
This is about your lifestyle. People have difficulties to stay organized. But from now, you’re no more like them.
By now you’re one of a kind. The one that knows how to do it differently.

Finally take that away and (strongly) consider it: depending upon the level of support you give for your business to be successful, the more you provoke (change), the more you discuss (evaluate), the more you make good decisions (sustain).

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