The digital legacy: online expectations, offline experiences

The way technology impacts our environment proves once again that humans are capable to transform themselves from very simple consumers to strong influential and active users.

For instance, we are more and more using our mobiles to play, work or even access to the Internet in the underground: we have now the possibility to catch a taxi through a simple app, or command a meal on our way to the office. Online tools are definitely offering great opportunities that carve out outstanding experiences in our daily life.

The offline show following the online stream

It takes no expert to demonstrate how much the digital landscape is undergoing a profound mutation.
Much of the changes are driven by our own online expectations. The way we purchase new items from brands, how we share facts or get connected to each other, imply another step forward into the digital ecosystem and give birth to new offline experiences.

It also brings many new constraints that deserve more attention and time than ever before.
Word of mouth and “social media validation” became necessary parts of the success achievement of any user’s expectations that has the will to experiment his online playground in real life.

At some point, the balance is not so easy to achieve, and we are actually paying the highest price to spread our online efforts that will result in offline messages.

So what, exactly, do we need to expect from the digital and where the experience is heading ?

The social currency

The actual recession became the great equalizer of our times and in some ways it helps some of us acquire and process anything on digital platforms.
The thing is that many more people you might think are totally ignoring what is coming forward on the digital.
Too many are neglecting the opportunities that could bring new perspectives from the tech industry for their personal interests, and by consequence, for the global social evolution.

Those people are particularly important for our near future: by letting themselves passively following the movement they are not activating new steps of expectation.

Fundamentally as every one of us has to know,
to survive we need to endure change.

Most of the people we know, specifically now, need to maintain their involvement in social utility.
It’s all about joining and experimenting new ways to survive and challenge those transition times.

The revolution of the social currency is now determining our future and, fortunately, like in any other industry, there are the happy fews that are enough visionary to see the great interests and keep on following the evolutions brought by technology. Those luckies can be you, me, everyone of us.

Pay the price now to win a lot later

So even if the gap between online and offline is not already resolved, and we have mountains of efforts to make to reach a semblant of bridge between those two, we can already start insights, concepts and processes to create new outstanding experiences.
All that in order to find the productive movement, your productive movement, and bring a competitive advantage to your business.

So, what are you waiting for ?

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