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Transformation is now happening

It’s been 12 days since I arrived to New York, and it feels like I’ve never been away from the city.

Big Apple keeps on offering so much magic at each of its corners, highlighting every single event for the approaching holidays, melting tasty beverages to shouting colors, attracting mega foreign crowds around Central Park and paying tailor attention to its local stylish people.

Conversations keep on being optimist despite the political overview, and time, time is counting down challenging your life stamina.
I’ve assisted to several marketing sessions during the ad:tech conference 2010 and after meeting a few friends I’ve realized that there must be a cynical synchronization in the air flushing out strong energy around me.

Everything is definitely so “real time”.


Now it’s time to make the leap to the herd

I see all around more and more people/companies convinced by the efficiency of making our world a better place.
I believe that emotion does really matter in those marketing choices and will continue to matter.
Great brands have already made the leap to the heart.

Obviously, by understanding that the physical precepts help all of us staying connected on the digital, it became a significant commitment for brands to provide utility: inspiration and consistency are now the new currencies in social management.
The impact will become more important not only because of performance or creativity, but also about organization and time.

There are many reasons why a concept is gaining approbation of consumers but I see two main key values to start over.

First, by making harvest of the main figures representing the communities you target, you will get the attention within.
I’m not talking about focusing on the leader, because if so, the issue is that the conversation is getting on a single way: from him to his audience.
For instance, if a teacher tells its students to clap in their hands, they will follow up during hours until some of them will understand that there is no purpose in doing so.

So, to prevent any deficit of trust, you should pay more attention to the motivated people of your tribe, start with a dialogue and then, they will help you achieve more opportunities.

And because you’ve found together a common vocabulary you’ll all together spread around the word at the same time and in the same way as you’ve established during your connections.

Don’t forget to focus your community on limited duration targets to keep on an enduring dialogue.

Customer journey has never been so complicated

To engage any campaign across digital channels, you have to consider awareness and capitalize on the value of your idea.

Thus, you’ll now be able to visualize the perspective to drive such funnels and measure the dialog created in real time.

As we all know measurement takes time and time is the only way to inject reality in any open interaction.

We can share for hours, about how to increase values, about how yo improve services or promote new products.

We can talk and build mountains of concepts, but the issue will be to make your idea happen.

In a second time, if we look further we can observe three pillars to engage a real digital dialogue which are :


social utility


This formula is defining the future of online collaboration enabled by digital channels, easy processes and technology.

By changing the behavior of your consumers with advanced technology : you will increase the interest from your community.

Devices are becoming powerful enough to let you experience that easy processes can respond in real-time.

Human reflexes are now acting almost subconsciously by Twitting or posting to Facebook any insignificant detail of our lives !
The real time marketplace is now open to anyone of us and this is what is so fascinating.

Throughout the customer life cycle, we can get back results on time among recommendations: consumers now have more trust in their social groups than any marketer message.

More than ever the how you do it better will govern the system of your organization and will ensure the integration of your whole digital strategy. And again, to optimize your marketplace and minimize frustration, don’t forget how to create the dialogue : digital channels, easy processes and technology.

Once you’ll understand that you have to listen to your customers because they are telling you more than you can tell yourself about your business needs, then it will be the best time to encourage analytics contests.

Even if you feel criticized, the ability to sustain interactions in your environment will be amplified.

You’ll find new opportunities to dialogue and you’ll be able to plan a successful digital communication : you will no more speak at your consumers, but you’ll talk with them.

That exact point will enhance the debate.

Moreover than getting people engaged in the conversation, connections and meetings will be easier to get

I’m adding one final note, a lot of global brands have made tremendous efforts to enter in the real-time web and even if many crisis where encountered during the last months and for any reason some responsible marketers achieved to deflect their community from online dangers, they’ve made it for real: those challenges sustain improvisation and serendipity.

Big brands have made amazing experimentation, the go-todo for make idea happen and the aim to get things done on time report back great results : we are excited to share what we do, just on time, where we are, and this is real.

As natural as it sounds to be, the new principles for a new digital reality to stay in the race will be to develop your own ecosystem straight in line with engaging more deeply with your community and maintain the share of interests you initiate.

If you’re managing a brand, or if you’re just about running a company, you can easily empower your business by managing your real time strategy and enlist your voice to encourage the power of mavens and connectors.

Photo credits : © Yael Rozencwajg – New York, November 2010

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