Engage: International Women’s Day or Why Are Women (Really) Worth it

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Today, the 8th of March was international women’s day, and I wanted to express a few words about all the women in the world for what they have achieved as both professionally and socially and the future they (we) are building.
For over 100 years, amazing progresses have been made to improve the lives of women but unfortunately this appears to be a universally held belief that wasn’t really substantiated as expected.

It’s not about beginning anew each year

But it’s about every day deployment.
Enhancing the links and collaboration among institutions can enrich women’s paths and get more ideas blossom, more job creation, more companies hiring. Many steps can be made, and not just during a single day but deploy a every day cause. Obviously, only a few women will access to those opportunities while a lot of other cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about feminist thoughts

But it’s about engagement.
The world is full of great role models: as many across the world, women have to strain their voices to engage politically, realize great industrial projects or improve health. Most of us invest phenomenal efforts to increase economic and financial situations, but a lot of us cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about doing it wrong

But it’s about possibilities.
Governments and organizations offer many ways to give a chance to women to fulfill their expectations, express themselves, but a lot of women cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about spirit relief

But it’s about action.
Cultural constraints and boundaries limit constantly the capabilities to step ahead and look further. By willing to access to the summit and balance the share values we have to be consistent in our actions and goals, but a lot of women cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about time

But it’s about you.
If we keep on questioning what we see and judge it, we keep on lying to ourselves. We can argue a lot of hours on women’s choices, spend days to explain and organize why and how bringing help to families and avoid poverty, but a lot of women cannot. That’s the reality.

Instead of languishing in the ivory tower, now and more than ever women and men can help each other improve mutual conditions by cultivating relationships, demonstrating mobilization and being realistic optimists.

We have to launch the recovery mode and help increase women’s condition before it’s too late and that’s definitely the reality.

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Thank you.

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