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Cuisine & Confidences From the Real Time Space on by Yael Rozencwajg © All right reserved
This could have been the title of a film or the name of a good restaurant in New York (in fact there’s one I love in Paris) but instead it’s just a dedicated post to some of my friends living in the same digital cosmos as mine.

As the Blog World & New Media Expo is about to start in New York on May 24, I was thinking that there must be some (good) changes in the air.
Despite the facts that we are not running in easy times, I see many small businesses considering the importance of gaining visibility on social platforms and leverage the balance between the value of their product or service and establish a strong and long term attractive marketing.

It was already widely demonstrated that businesses in capacity to create effective engagement through social channels rather than showing a semblant of marketing are more likely to succeed.
And again this is not a myth, it’s a fact.

Wash your social salad first …

A while earlier today, Mark Schaefer evoked great points about the role of “shoving social media down to employees throat“. Many companies keep on thinking they are taking the “risk” to engage their employees, but they don’t consider enough the signification of making such steps.
On the other side, too much businesses are still struggling to introduce common usages on the social web world…
Is that meaning we are flying back to the old times of the “pushing marketing” ?

If we take a bunch of companies having strong approaches on social networks there is no common digital strategy between any of them !
Or maybe yes, they have one : they are cultivating their differences, and they always try to reinvent themselves !
And this what make them thrive.

Add salt and pepper

It’s for the taste. And generally the result is not the same each time you make a new mix.
Again, the uniform seems to comfort many people referring back to basics.
But how come organizations that supposed to innovate always need to sector their whole environment into defined boxes ?

We are living in the early stages of social platforms and no one of us could predict the future of our digital life.
But what we can do is to learn and test, learn and test, learn and…grab great opportunities.

So the main thing you have to focus on is how you can empower your online presence and what you don’t want your brand to be associated with.

Save your masterpiece for the end

As Marcus Sheridan underlines them so well, today we have those great chances to follow and read many brightest stars of the blogging industry.

I’m so much thankful to all of them for sharing and showing us the road to success across the complicated channels of conversation. Don’t forget to do the same.

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4 thoughts on “Cuisine & Confidences From the Real Time Space”

  1. Hi Yael, this is just a fabulously written article – I loved it : )

    I appreciate you sharing a link to one of my article's too!

    You are being influenced by some of my favorite bloggers who influence me everyday. They're great at their craft, but more importantly they are good people who care about others and it shows in everything they do.

    I'm so happy to be connected with you. You're such a great support and encouragement, I just plain love folks like you.

    Have a wonderful evening Yael : )

    1. You are very welcome Mark !!

      (Actually you are 2 Marks today on my blog :))

      But more seriously, there is so much to say about the subject, we have to keep running it.

      All very my kind thoughts,

  2. Thanks to you Mark !

    You know as the time passes I meet so many new wonderful people everyday.

    It's like the more I walk the more I see smiles.

    Some of them are continuing with me, and you are one of those.

    I like the way all that small world is influencing the big one.

    i really think it helps all of us pursuing our efforts in what we are doing ever day.

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Have a wonderful evening too Mark (I think there is a lag of few hours between us !!)

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