Become digitally literate is it worth it ?

Become digitally literate is it worth it ? on by Yael Rozencwajg © All right reserved
Evolution is fundamental to human nature.
By definition we can all leverage the evolution to define the rules of the digital era we are entering into.

Unleash your predator side

With such a bright future there are some skills we really have to start consider in our daily life.
As we look back, no one would have thought 20 years ago about sharing its private datas on the internet.

Now digital tribes are lead by predators whilst the Internet is giving almost everyone a voice.
So the more we share means the more we are able to bring conversations to the digital.

The thing is we have to pay smart attention to each one of our steps towards the social revolution.

It’s not because everything is easy or handy that you can take your online presence for granted : you can be rejected from the “validation era” at every moment :
Did you ever knew where are the boundaries of your so personal privacy on those becoming mega digital plateforms ?
Did you ever considered to build a very serious and super organized strategy for the ecosystem in which your community is evolving ?
Did you ever thought how you will manage your brand risk and recovery in the near future if not since now ?!

Meeting of the great minds

With some of our relationships we have strong interactions : family, friends, partners are the most loyal and valuable ties of our living. In general we know there is at least someone of them we can count on, we know he/she/they will protect us in any case, we know he/she/they pay attention to us.
But what about all the others ?

Actually, let’s be honest, no one gives a damn to the others outside the so called socio-private box.
Those people are different from us, they represent danger, merely because we don’t know them.
Some will say “we won’t talk to them just like in the real life”.
If you think like that, you’re making a big mistake and that’s the matter.
Interactions can come from any where, any time, in any way.

That point said, the unknown adds the fact we have to become digitally literate so we can control more our social living, we can validate more actions and practice the positive thinking.

In other words, to maintain a real online communication we have to share more to prevent from weak links.
But that suppose you know who you’ll surround yourself with and in which role you will engage in.

This is the best time to take a bow

The idea being that every organic content, comment, or remark can generate a performing and incentive meaning for others.
By making room for the social dimension in our ecosystem we can definitely maximize our production machinery.
Obviously it turns out that many environments will have to performs into new dynamics and that includes the down of their structure.

As today small changes can bring big results, I strongly advise you to reconsider the side of the table you chose to start from.

Just in case you were wondering

This simple but efficient marketing enables everyone to quickly spot competitive opportunities for her business.

So don’t forget that it could be also particularly pernicious if you don’t take the protective branch of this accelerated digital highway.

Once undertood, this mindset can’t help but happen.

Photo credits : Yael Rozencwajg – New York, November 2010 from the AMNH.

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