Engage: International Women’s Day or Why Are Women (Really) Worth it

White flag

Today, the 8th of March was international women’s day, and I wanted to express a few words about all the women in the world for what they have achieved as both professionally and socially and the future they (we) are building.
For over 100 years, amazing progresses have been made to improve the lives of women but unfortunately this appears to be a universally held belief that wasn’t really substantiated as expected.

It’s not about beginning anew each year

But it’s about every day deployment.
Enhancing the links and collaboration among institutions can enrich women’s paths and get more ideas blossom, more job creation, more companies hiring. Many steps can be made, and not just during a single day but deploy a every day cause. Obviously, only a few women will access to those opportunities while a lot of other cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about feminist thoughts

But it’s about engagement.
The world is full of great role models: as many across the world, women have to strain their voices to engage politically, realize great industrial projects or improve health. Most of us invest phenomenal efforts to increase economic and financial situations, but a lot of us cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about doing it wrong

But it’s about possibilities.
Governments and organizations offer many ways to give a chance to women to fulfill their expectations, express themselves, but a lot of women cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about spirit relief

But it’s about action.
Cultural constraints and boundaries limit constantly the capabilities to step ahead and look further. By willing to access to the summit and balance the share values we have to be consistent in our actions and goals, but a lot of women cannot. That’s the reality.

It’s not about time

But it’s about you.
If we keep on questioning what we see and judge it, we keep on lying to ourselves. We can argue a lot of hours on women’s choices, spend days to explain and organize why and how bringing help to families and avoid poverty, but a lot of women cannot. That’s the reality.

Instead of languishing in the ivory tower, now and more than ever women and men can help each other improve mutual conditions by cultivating relationships, demonstrating mobilization and being realistic optimists.

We have to launch the recovery mode and help increase women’s condition before it’s too late and that’s definitely the reality.

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Thank you.

Your Challenge(s): Change, Evalutate, Sustain

Your Challenge(s): Change, Evalutate, Sustain on Yaelsworld.com by Yael Rozencwajg © All right reserved
Population growth, rapidly changing niche markets, imbalances multiplied in business ressources, mark a few of the challenges we have to face today.
Every industry is defied by change and managing a healthy and evolving business today needs to be constantly (re)evaluated. But, once reaching an average routine, not everyone is capable to sustain the achievement and so, if you want to set it up in an infinite successful goal then you’d better follow the right way.

Attraction, distraction, misevaluation rule our lives

From a volatile financial system, limited solutions to the lack of resources, or series of innovations in tech, we live in a world of rapid change.
That very specific point should be put into the test as we reconsider current capitalistic structures and review the status quo of most of existing business models.
There’s no need of experts or spur discussions about the challenges we face today. Through the mountains of people giving birth to organizations we can observe every day, our role is definitely to tackle some of those challenges.
For years, people have been asking how to change the rules, how to evaluate the needs, how to maintain a sustainable system that will enable them to do it better, faster and stronger. Here are some of the answers I propose you to follow, let’s try them, and see how it goes for you.


The real change we are all seeking for, is about the way that will provoke a peaceful and prosperous world for generations to come.
But while our brains work as super computers and ideas are bursting out as each one is more ingenious than the other, the contrast is deep and it’s hard to believe the change will come around quickly.
The good thing is that it’s always time to adopt the right mindset by being audacious, unless you find yourself in misunderstanding ways that could be fatal.
By measuring the distances and joining the dots of the efforts we’ve already done, we can discover some if the key issues that will help us plan the next step. I’ve tested it. It’s all about (self-made) method, strategy and long-term vision.
And it worked (for me). Now, it’s up to you, Dears.


As more small businesses and individuals see in social utility a growing opportunity, global companies and organizations can strongly help in the understanding and the evaluation of social impact.
Isn’t it now time for you to reassess your relationships with acquaintances and the globalized community you maintain online?
Here we are. Make a plan. There are no more difficulties than anywhere else. You’ve done the change step, now you can evaluate your efforts and consider your future.
In any case, don’t look back.


Here’s the best part.
You can make your business a beautiful piece of art, by accomplishing small steps in a more effectively and profitably way than before.
Through the events you encounter during your daily activities, you can unparallele opportunities to promote your savoir-faire.
This is about your lifestyle. People have difficulties to stay organized. But from now, you’re no more like them.
By now you’re one of a kind. The one that knows how to do it differently.

Finally take that away and (strongly) consider it: depending upon the level of support you give for your business to be successful, the more you provoke (change), the more you discuss (evaluate), the more you make good decisions (sustain).

Learn to measure the distance and join the dots

Learn to measure the distance or join the dots on Yaelsworld.com by Yael Rozencwajg © All right reserved

We all want to market something for one reason: the will to grow.

Now that 2012 is on the road, we can easily talk about the next opportunities to come. I mean those which will help us accomplish tasks we couldn’t achieve previously because of some lack of resources or administration issues.

Here’s the thing: we cannot close the recession book. We have to endure this never ending economic crisis and at the same time, running on the new social revolution.
The good news is that all the pressure we’ve accumulated during what we can now call the previous era, can be transformed into positive and relevant energy.
This energy will help us race the top or we’d better stay hidden in the backyard.

Target: reaching smart goals by measuring the distance

It’s all about defying the odds in an industry where most businesses fail after the first three years.
You have to become a risk-taker by going out of your comfort zone to avoid being on a constant welfare and start detecting the pillars of your environment.
What separate you from those pillars, and how will you measure the distance to go and reach them.
Most of the companies that experienced a crisis in engagement will tell you about measuring the distance.

Moreover, the distance separating people can be fatal at some point. If you don’t maintain a constant and average market process between you and your customers you can lose a lot.
On the small business side, that means to practice your craft, learn the metrics to build long and sustainable connections.
On the global side, companies need to fight hard to connect and shape their customer relationship.

The more you’ll be able to measure how long you’re separated from your connections, the more you’ll be close to your target. But long is the road to reach this target.

Experience: the new normal is the constant change

Small businesses, companies must reinvent themselves if they want to survive in the new market.
A disciplined approach will help you evaluate ideas, push them into concepts and bring you affordable content. But this is not enough.

Ability to listen and understand the business environment you’re evolving in will come over at the moment you’ll join the dots.

The dots are those fails you’ve encountered at the time you weren’t aware. They came like a punching ball in your face and caused such a tidal wave you couldn’t do nothing but waiting the disaster to go away and let the time repair the fracture.

Getting up and start moving will create energy.
Getting energy and drawing a new business strategy built on past actions and fails will help you join the dots.
Getting the dots joined will certainly shift for good your organization and condition your productivity to perform small but often.

There won’t be room anymore for participants that are not able to perform: we need new leaders to show the new rules and identify positive actions.

Result: Improve your strengths, not your weaknesses

Don’t be afraid to use your observation. If the routine work rules well, there are many tools that will help you iterate the job and free up spare time to get involved in something new.
Many actions are waiting out there, though, there is no miracle recipe but there are tracking points to follow that tend to reduce weakness and adventure new ways of success.

Every entrepreneur should be able to measure the distances and join the dots.
Now, this is your turn.

2012 : the momentum to shine

2012 : the momentum to shine on Yaelsworld.com by Yael Rozencwajg © All rights reserved

As 2011 comes to an end and we look ahead to 2012, I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year. The last year has been a time of great challenges and great progress for all of us.

We saw great new steps in the Digital world despite some missing opportunities.

We began to see signs of economic recovery even as too many small businesses are still struggling to get ahead.

Small wins matter

There is no doubt that 2012 will bring even more changes. And as we head into a new time, I’m hopeful that we have what it takes to face new challenges and come out even more stronger than ever, to grow our economic situations, create more jobs, and strengthen the market.
I’m hopeful, because now, I know what means to struggle to win, and I’ve learnt that there’s light even in the darkest places.

I’m hopeful, because as you look further ahead, you understand that reaching small objectives can help you win small but more.
But this is possible only if you believe in your project. No matter what, no matter how, you can win big by adding small steps.

Take action to produce energy for the future

And because we’ve got some difficulties to deal with, and some tough issues to come, I’m determined more than ever to help by sharing what I know.

In many ways, and for many of us the actions we’ll take in the next few months will place our responsibilities higher. The more we’ll share, the more we’ll win.

I know sometimes it doesn’t seem easy, disfunction in organizations, administration cycles, uncertainly industry conditions, wars, environment, natural disasters may stop our emergences. But always remember that you have hidden energy you can use, and you can find new forces to go over.
Always remember productivity is the key to high performance, choosing the best direction to take and stay on it as long as you can.

And never ever forget that action is the best way to launch you to the next step.

I’m confident that if we get more connected to each other, talk about our doubts, discuss about new opportunities, lead major points, expecting a positive outcome that motivates high level of effort. All what can be done before it’s too late.

Again, those who take action, get the most done anyway, those people who would rather take action, including you, better than idle around can guarantee the success they deserve.
And for this final point, I strongly invite you to read Jim Connolly’s post: 9 Ways to blow the lid off your potential in 2012!

2012: is definitely the momentum to shine.

Happy New Year Everyone!

The digital legacy: online expectations, offline experiences

The way technology impacts our environment proves once again that humans are capable to transform themselves from very simple consumers to strong influential and active users.

For instance, we are more and more using our mobiles to play, work or even access to the Internet in the underground: we have now the possibility to catch a taxi through a simple app, or command a meal on our way to the office. Online tools are definitely offering great opportunities that carve out outstanding experiences in our daily life.

The offline show following the online stream

It takes no expert to demonstrate how much the digital landscape is undergoing a profound mutation.
Much of the changes are driven by our own online expectations. The way we purchase new items from brands, how we share facts or get connected to each other, imply another step forward into the digital ecosystem and give birth to new offline experiences.

It also brings many new constraints that deserve more attention and time than ever before.
Word of mouth and “social media validation” became necessary parts of the success achievement of any user’s expectations that has the will to experiment his online playground in real life.

At some point, the balance is not so easy to achieve, and we are actually paying the highest price to spread our online efforts that will result in offline messages.

So what, exactly, do we need to expect from the digital and where the experience is heading ?

The social currency

The actual recession became the great equalizer of our times and in some ways it helps some of us acquire and process anything on digital platforms.
The thing is that many more people you might think are totally ignoring what is coming forward on the digital.
Too many are neglecting the opportunities that could bring new perspectives from the tech industry for their personal interests, and by consequence, for the global social evolution.

Those people are particularly important for our near future: by letting themselves passively following the movement they are not activating new steps of expectation.

Fundamentally as every one of us has to know,
to survive we need to endure change.

Most of the people we know, specifically now, need to maintain their involvement in social utility.
It’s all about joining and experimenting new ways to survive and challenge those transition times.

The revolution of the social currency is now determining our future and, fortunately, like in any other industry, there are the happy fews that are enough visionary to see the great interests and keep on following the evolutions brought by technology. Those luckies can be you, me, everyone of us.

Pay the price now to win a lot later

So even if the gap between online and offline is not already resolved, and we have mountains of efforts to make to reach a semblant of bridge between those two, we can already start insights, concepts and processes to create new outstanding experiences.
All that in order to find the productive movement, your productive movement, and bring a competitive advantage to your business.

So, what are you waiting for ?